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Aikido Shudokan

Budo "The Art of Being"

Budo "The Art of Being"

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This is a book about Budo – the martial Way – and its embodiment for developing one’s character and overall way of Being. It is a direct and candid exploration into the practicalities of living Budo through the eyes and experiences of internationally respected, Joe Thambu Shihan, Aikido 8th Dan.

This book explores Joe Thambu Shihan’s more profound thoughts and practical applications of embodying a Budo mindset and philosophy based on his 50+ years in Aikido. The content of this book comes from a series of lengthy interviews with Joe Thambu Shihan, and the format has deliberately been kept in this conversational style to capture and reveal his actual way of thinking as reflected through the nuances of his words, phrasing, languaging, and way of articulating what is true for him.

As Thambu Shihan conveys in the book, living Budo is about building your emotional intelligence and becoming a strong person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, to be the best that you can be. In Thambu Shihan's words, "This is important because I believe a big problem in martial arts has to do with ‘Being’. Learning martial arts is about taking what your teachers have given you and making it yours. That's the essence of developing an authentic way of Being [through Budo]. This is why I think that what this book has to offer can help anyone in any walk of life."

This book is a 'must read' for not only those who are interested in the 'Way' of martial arts but also anyone seeking to develop their personal character through any path they choose in life. 



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